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Piyush Chavda
HP India Sales P Ltd

 I have enrolled for the PGDBA Program at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. The elaborate course material, facility to have e-learning sessions, live chat room and not to forget the virtual classrooms helps one to prepare in totality, thus enabling you to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. I feel most content and would like to appreciate the freedom that one gets to schedule their exams online. The flexibility that the program offers to study at your own time, fits perfectly into my buy work schedule in spite of spending long hours at the office. Above all, Symbiosis has a good recognition and acceptability amongst employers and this helps one to progress in their career.


Mandeep Singh
Customer Support Officer
State Bank of India

I gladly admit that the course has provided necessary insights into management principles applicable to the business world. Being a banker dealing with high value advances to medium enterprises, it is imperative to look beyond the financial statements of the companies. The course has given me a broader perspective of the business, helping me to understand my clients in a much better way.


Rajnish Saini
Asst. VP
CITI Financial Consumer Finance India Ltd

The industry has witnessed key changes in traditional and contemporary banking due to various economic policies and financial reforms introduced by respective authorities in India. Specialized staff embedded with required knowledge & skills is need of the industry. The PGDBF program at SCDL is not only advanced but at the same time interesting and self explanatory. SCDL has provided a very flexible model of delivering education to the working professionals, by which they can plan and take their assignments & examinations. This course has provided a great valueaddition to my skills and developed me as a Cross Functional professional.


Utpal Oza
Head Learning & Development
Reliance Industries Ltd.

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is one of the reputed institutes for Management Studies in India. Through its excellent faculty, teaching methods and courses, it has been helping thousands of students to achieve their goals with respect to higher education. It has several innovative facilities such as the Virtual Classroom, Online Faculty Chat, On-demand examinations etc. that enable students from across the globe to manage both their career and education. As part of my role in the Resource Management Group, I interact extensively with associates and understand their aims and aspirations while mapping them to a role. A detailed knowledge of Human Resource Management is required for a better insight into managing the various challenges faced in my role. I believe that a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from SCDL has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to perform to the best of my abilities.


Gajpal Rathore
Head-Visual Merchandiser (Nautica)
Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

I chose SCDL for my continuing education because of its legacy in the field of education. Gradually after experiencing its student friendly quick support, practical flexibility of the pedagogy processes and interesting course content I continued gaining knowledge by enrolling myself in more courses which definitely have helped me grow in my professional career. I have found studying at SCDL manageable along with the full time work responsibilities. I look forward to introduction of newer courses and continued association with SCDL in future. I wish all the past, existing and future students of SCDL a very successful and enriching professional career and an interesting personal life.


Thirumal Rao Mamidala
Management Coordinator
SEAL Infotech Pvt Ltd

I have 24 years of industry experience and over 13 years in SAP working for different organizations (NTT Data, SAP India and ERPandERP) on different roles as Practice Manager, Program Manager and AVP Business Development. While evaluating options for the Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management course, I studied different colleges in India and abroad and decided to go ahead with SCDL. The course contents are comprehensive with all business process of Retail Sector, giving exposure to industry best practices. Above all Symbiosis provides quality education, short and complete course cycle with world class study material and option to appear for exams at student’s convenience!


Shariq Khan
Sr. Travel Counsellor

There are many positive advantages to SCDL. Students can learn at a time of the day that suits them, and in whatever location they choose to do so. They are free to study independently, and also have the support of a SCDL through counseling, email, online chat, virtual library and virtual faculty sessions. I work as a senior travel counselor in one of the reputed MNCs. The PGDCRM program has helped me understand, anticipate and respond to my customers' needs in a consistent way, right across the organization. The program has helped me work efficiently and effectively!


Mr. Anil Kumar
Sr. Manager - Purchase (Supplier Development)
JCB India Ltd.

I always wanted to make my career as a Techno-Commercial Executive & decided to pursue PGDSCM program which would help me to change my profile. After completion of the PGDSCM program from SCDL, I have successfully progressed as a Sr. Manager - Purchase (Supplier Development) in JCB India. The best part about the program is the relevance to the industry and this has definitely enhanced my knowledge and has helped me to better understand my work, the organization and the processes. Facilities like online assignments, virtual classes and online faculty chats facilitate in managing my study without affecting my current job. Above all, Symbiosis has recognition which will help me throughout my career.


Ajeet Bisen
Senior System Admin

As a professional aiming for growth, Business Program is for securing career growth and not for the grades and this is totally taken care at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning! The best part of studying with Symbiosis is the employers acceptability and perspective. In addition, the up-todate contents coupled with virtual classes and faculty chats make it an enriching experience for students.


Kunal Bhat
Sr. Project Manager (IT)
Tech Mahindra Pvt. Ltd

I was looking for a program which would provide me a firm grounding as an entrepreneur in a short duration, at my convenience & help me think away from the 'task' mode towards a 'growth' mode. That's when I short listed the Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship Development at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. The overall course is fast-paced yet comprehensive and provides necessary entrepreneurial perspective of one's work, of leveraging the on-field experience to strategize, organize, manage and deliver growth.


Deepak V.
Information Management Analyst

My choice of the Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) program at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is because of its curriculum and it is one of the best institutions offering distance learning programs. It gave me a range of opportunities in my career. Lastly, the virtual classes, online assignments and flexibility of examination is awesome!!


Shweta Erande
Technical Writer
Vaal Triangle Systems Pvt. Ltd.

I have been working as a technical writer for the last 2 ½ years. I wanted to pursue a specialized course in the field of technical writing to sharpen my skills and help me in the career. SCDL provided me the opportunity to study the theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing without having to compromise my job. The course has helped in planning the tasks and deliverables efficiently. The process of documentation and reviews has become stringent and streamlined. The quality of the deliverables has also improved drastically.The flexibility of the course enables me to study at my own pace and also keep up with the work deadlines. The PGDTW program is really helping me a lot in my work.


Arundhati Sardesai
Instructional Designer Enhance & Excel

I have been working in e-Learning sector for the last 4 years & I personally feel that the Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design program has been extremely useful to enhance my knowledge and skills. The course material is very effective and helps one to upgrade in depth. Especially for IDs, there is no other professional training like what SCDL has to offer. The best part of the course is the course content, the flexibility to appear for the exams and the duration of the course. I strongly recommend this program for all Instructional Designers in the learning field or anyone who wants to start their career in this field.


Mamta Kumar
House Wife

By undergoing the Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Teachers Training, I got to know about children, their nature, behavior, feelings and their development; what we as parents, teachers can do to change their behavior; how to handle them; what can we do for their overall development. We can plan activities according to their interests and desires, which will help them in learning things easily. The best part of the course is a project, wherein I was able to use the learning from the program effectively in teaching the students of the pre-primary class. The program has helped me grow personally and professionally.


Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

The Diploma in Teaching English program has been a source of empowerment to me. Through the unique design of the course and its logical sequencing, DTE unfolds a whole new vista of teaching English. As an English teaching professional, I’ve been greatly benefited by the practical activities given along. It provides scope for an interactive classroom environment while enriching the professional capability of one.


Yashodhara Satpathy

The Diploma in Creative Writing course at SCDL is carefully designed for a writer-in-the-making. All the pieces of information given to me are very beneficial and helpful. The course encouraged me to write more and it took me to the next level of articulation. The program structure, learning material and classes are very helpful and interesting. Each book offers something new to learn. Frankly through the course, I have evolved as a writer. Thanks SCDL!


Uttam Shetty
Level E
Accenture Services P Ltd

The Business and Corporate Law Program (PGDBCL) offered by Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning has proven to be a great resource for continuing my education. The wide variety of classes offered through the Distance Learning Program gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain insight into many different areas of industry that they would not usually be subjected to in their day-to-day positions. I've greatly benefitted from the program’s flexibility of working to your schedule. I would strongly recommend SCDL to any working professional considering an advanced degree in Business and Corporate Law.


Himanshu Bithwar
Chief Technical Officer
Shine link E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

Prior to joining Symbiosis, I checked out several institutions and websites for a program in Cyber Laws. I am glad with my choice to enroll at SCDL. I found SCDL to be a state of the art institute with a very good reputation among employers; the institute has been a gift to students who want to pursue education along with their employment / regular full time studies. The flexibility and the quality of learning mode are excellent. Thanks Symbiosis!

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