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SCDL alumni association comprises of over 10 lakh well-connected business professionals with varied experiences and values. It has the potential to form the most resourceful business network and affinity group which creates mutual value for its members. As a member of our alumni community, you have access to:
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Academic Resources including ELibrary, MDPs and Webinars
  • Opportunity to Upgrade Knowledge with a Range of Single Courses and Certificate Programs
  • Practical Career Support and advice .
SCDL Online Alumni Portal:
Though the SCDL Alumni Portal, the Alumni can connect with registered members, share resources and create friendships and network that will stay for a lifetimes.

Access to E-Library, MDPs and Webinars:
Though the SCDL Alumni Portal, the Alumni have access to our E-Library with in-depth coverage of journal articles on a variety of areas including business conditions and trends, competitor strategies and product information. In addition, students can attend MDP’s and Webinars organized from time to time.

Alumni Career Services:
  SCDL offers alumni support throughout their career: 
  • Career Coaching: Support with career planning, job search and career management.
  • Job Search Preparation: Advice on planning a successful job search including CV writing, networking and interviewing.
  • Career Workshops: Update job search and career management skills or gain insights from industry leaders.
  • Placement Drives: Connect with world class organisations who recruit at SCDL.

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