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With over 10 lakh graduates, including leaders in corporate, non-profit, and government organizations, SCDL has one of the largest alumni network. The Alumni Association has been established exclusively for graduates of SCDL programs

Our alumni play a crucial role in ongoing success and like any community, SCDL relies on its stakeholders, past and present, to play a part in its future. We at SCDL are proud to see our students climb up the corporate ladder or achieve success in their endeavors; in fact success of any institute is the success of its students or ALUMNI.
But our alumni association isn’t just about jobs and recruiting new students. When you were a student at SCDL, you were part of a community that offered all sorts of exciting perks that made your experience unique and dynamic. And we understand that even after graduation, many students continue to feel connected to us, or associate a part of their identity with the institution. So, if you're looking for a way to maximize the potential of your degree and give back to your university at the same time, take this opportunity to bond with your friends, mentors and your institute
The Alumni Association also aims to form alumni groups worldwide that drive activity, organise events and networking opportunities in their local regions. They will be led by regional alumni ambassadors, who are graduates of our programs and are keen to stay involved and make a significant contribution in advancing the image of SCDL and also act as mentors.
SCDL would like to hear your success stories and would like to publish them on a regular basis on our website. So take this opportunity to bond with your friends, mentors and your institute and write to us your story at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and how did SCDL programs help you achieve your goals.

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